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Metro Vac 'n Blo Pro 83BA


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The Vac 'n Blo Pro is the BEST wall mounted detailing vacuum cleaner and blower combo!

The PR0 SERIES provides exceptional power and versatility. Conveniently mounts to the wall or roll it over to your favorite car.

The Metro Vac 'n Blo Pro is the first choice of professional detailers nationwide with it's full Size Vac 'n Blo 4.0 Peak Horsepower Vacuum cleaner and blower with accessories.

Features a body of steel with a 4.0 Peak HP, twin-fan, industrial quality motor producing an almost unbelievable 95" of water lift (the standard measure of vacuum efficiency) and comes with a full range of specialized automotive attachments to reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle's interior.

The hose bracket and tool caddy keeps it all neat!

240v UK Model.


Features Include:
  • Dual Power Unit with wheels
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • 4-6 foot Hoses (24 feet)

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